By Benjamin

One day Susan was milking a cow on her parents farm in Nark Tennessee. Her mom came up to her and said “I have some big news,we're moving to New York City!”. “What!” said Susan in astonishment. “I will finish milking Tootsie while you can help dad pack up”. Susan went to the house and saw her dad packing she asked “can I help”? “Sure said her dad. It was a hard evening but everything got done.
When Susan woke up the next morning, she saw a moving company truck in the driveway and heard her parents talking to an unfamiliar voice. By the time Susan did her morning chores the truck drove away with most of the boxes. Susan asked “When are we moving”? “Tomorrow” said her dad. That afternoon Susan and her mom played a card game, Susan asked “will we ever come back”? “I don’t know” said her mom “I don’t know”.

The next day Susan was at the airport, when she got on the plane Susan looked out the window. She saw there farm far down below.That evening they reached Manhattan.Susan saw thousands of lights looking at her, it was incredible.Once Susan got out of the airport they rented a car and drove to their new home.
It looked different and felt different than their old home. As soon as Susan went in she found her bedroom and fell asleep. Susan had a dream about going to an overnight camp. And it looked very plain and boring. When Susan woke up she asked her parents if they could go out for breakfast, her parents agreed and they went to waffle house called Aquarep. They had a delightful breakfast. Toward the end of the day Susan was lying down on her new bed, her mom came into the room and said “Is something wrong or bothering you?” “No. It’s just that I miss our farm” answered Susan. “Don’t worry. By the way, I just applied you to an overnight camp, I hope you’ll have fun.” That night Susan had a terrible nightmare of her being bullied by some high schoolers. She was so scared she woke up and started running in circles until she hit the wall.
The next morning she woke up on the floor, she was surprised to find herself there because she didn't remember what happened that night. When Susan went downstairs to eat breakfast she found a camping backpack sitting on the chair.Susan asked her mom “what is the backpack for”? Her mom looked surprised and said “don’t you remember?Your going to an overnight camp”. At that moment her dad came in the kitchen and said “Susan I’ll drop you off at the camp and pick you up in a few days. In one our her dad drove Susan to camp, after they registered Susan gave her dad one last hug and walked away.
Susan was told that her bed was in cabin three. When she saw her bed, she went right to sleep. When Susan woke up everyone was still sleeping. She looked at the clock and said “it’s five am, so why is everyone sleeping”? Susan thought, “maybe the camp had no rooster. Maybe I can act like a rooster to wake everyone up.” A moment later Susan screamed “Cockle-dodle-dooooo.” All the campers woke up with a startled face. The camp director Mr. Troon told the campers to quiet down, in the middle of the drama someone yelled out “Susan did it!”. Everyone even the counselors started laughing.
Susan felt so embarrassed. Mr.Troon went to her with a straight face but he was trying hard not to laugh. “Susan” he said “this is not a farm”. The rest of the day didn’t go well either, every person that went near let out a giggle.
For dinner they served french fries and hamburgers. After Susan finished her meal, she went to the volleyball court and joined the game. Susan had a good time if you were not counting her accident that morning. About two hours later Susan had supper and went to bed. The next day the camp took a field trip to Manhattan. Susan was amazed to see an escalator, she said “What are these moving stairs?”. When Susan stopped looking at the escalator she saw a bunch of planes. A guide announced “We are happy to have you at the Air and Space Museum, please come this way”.
After the field trip Susan met a girl named Gracie. They played hopscotch together and Susan found out that she and Gracie have lots of similarities. Gracie and Susan became friends. That day went smoothly for Susan, her countenance was friendly and she had a boon time until dinner. At dinner some teenage boys put a banana peel right in front of Susan. When she slipped on the banana peel her meatloaf went smack in her face while she fell to the ground.
When she got to her feet she felt the taste of meatloaf on her lips. Her arm hurt very badly but no one seem to notice that she fell so she went to her seat and watched other campers eat their tasty meals. Susan tried to get to the cafeteria doors but the counselors did not let her in. After dinner Susan was going to her cabin when she accidentally bumped into somebody. Then she heard a voice “sorry” said the girl she bumped into. Susan knew that voice. It was Gracie!
“Gracie!” Susan screamed. “Hi Susan. I want to tell you that I am leaving tomorrow”. “You wanna race to the game?” said Susan. “Ok if you are not too slow” replied Gracie. The game was stunning, Susan scored a three run home run. She even forgot what happened at dinner until a group of boys came. The boys started laughing, one boy said “Hi, miss Meatloaf”, another said “Look, it’s the rooster!”. Susan ran to her room and started crying. Susan was crying so much that a few minutes later she fell asleep.
When she woke up she found out her parents were her up that day. Susan went to have breakfast. After breakfast she was waiting for her parents to pick her up. First Gracie got picked up then a kid named Tommy got picked up, finally Susan’s parents came and picked her up. On the way home Susan told her parents about the no rooster incident (that’s what the campers started calling it). Once they got home Susan’s parents told her that they got there farm back.
Susan was very providential to hear they are moving back. She started packing up in an accelerated rate. When Susan finished packing up her parent were not even halfway done, while Susan was waiting she watched the TV show called The dark shadow. When Susan's parents finished packing up they drove to the airport. When they arrived they dropped off the car at one terminal and then took a bus to another. Once the family got on the plane Susan started to read. In about two hours they got home. Susan got into the house and thought “It’s like nothing happened”, but she clearly knew that something changed.

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